I don't wanna waste another minute here.

Heyyhoo! Kom precis hem från stan :) Vatt i okej, känner att detta blir bättre i engelska.

So yeah, haha. I've been in the city most of the day. Ended classes at 11 o'clock today. So the almost whole class decided to go into town and get something to eat together. Everyone couldn't make it, but the rest grabbed some food at Expresso house. It totally fucked up my economy, but who can say no to a Frapino and cupcake? ;o Not me!

After a while I headed to the library, met up with Kajsa. Sat and talked for a while. Then she had to go to her first and only class, and by that time it was like 3 pm ><. So I stayed reading and studying. Then she got back in 1,5 hours and we headed out to get something to eat!

Now I'm home and soon gotta get some homework done.. I have a bunch waiting for me on my bed and table. Can't wait.. Oh and btw I got my ALL TIME LOW UNPLUGGED CD today too!! :D Yaaay. It's now joining my other ATl cd's by my window :)

That's partially it. Gonna keep doing these small update posts if I feel like it! (:



2010-09-03 @ 21:55:47
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