You ain't the only ones who wanna live it up.

Been about 1,5 week of school! I've actually already settled down, but not completely. Except for the math-part. Like all of my classmates are genius in math, and every other subject. And I, who has 1 extra year in advantage can't even compete with them. At least not in math. There's been 3 classes yet. And i'm already lost. To be honest, I got lost right after I read the first question we were going to solve. I have no idea how I'm gonna make it through Math C, when I barley can pass math A. Micke is going to help me a little on Tuesdays.. but I'm also thinking of getting some ''professional' help from a teacher. We'll see. Anyway, I've had a lot of homework this week! 

I was just taking a quick break which turned out to 25 minutes.. oh crap! Gonna finish my English paper and try to do some math.. Hope ya'll doing fine!


Okej förstår :p Hade tur som lyckades få med alla xD

vad det var svårt o skriva om hela dagen xD alltså allt flöt typ ihop när ja försökte täntke vad som hade hänt var helt speeedad efterråt xD

2010-08-26 @ 21:22:36

hjälp mig sen då haha, jag vet inte hur svår Ma B är!!! :(

2010-08-27 @ 17:39:56

oh em gee, du går IB va ? för jag har exakt samma mattebok, hahah!

2010-09-21 @ 20:59:11

Vad ville du säga?


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