The Maine-thingyyy!

Jag vet ingen typ bryr sig och att jag bara plågar mig själv av att göra detta. Men känner att jag måste! Haha so here I go..! 
edit: texten fuckade sig i mitten ... annoyingggggg-.- så de ser lite cp ut >> men fifaan orka inte fixa mer :(

Favourite song by The Maine:
This one's super hard. Especially when the new album's out... Oh my. let me think... From the new record Saving Grace and Color. From Can't stop won't stop I must say... Into your arms, I must be dreaming and This is the end. So aah.. yeah one of those are my absolute favorite! 

Favourite memory including The Maine:
Like an experience with them? In that case I have none.. But I will get some soon!! :)

Favourite video of The Maine:
How am I supposed to choose ONE? I really don't know and can't choose. So I'll just post this new one of the boys playing two songs! :)

Least favourite Song:
Oh.. Hm, let's see. Imma have to say a really old one like.. Shake it? Um.

Favourite music video:
Ha! This one is pretty simple really. Into your arms aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way! ♥
To be honest.. it's the main reason I started listening to the Maine..(a) Cuz of John's gooooood looks! Call me a shallow bitch, whatever. But watch it and you'll immediately change your mind. Trust me.

Favourite picture of Kennedy:
This is the first picture that pops into my mind, so imma go with this gorgeous pic!

Favourite picture of Jared:
Love only knows...

Favourite picture of Garrett:
Ha-ha... no way I can pic one! So I'm just gonna post one of my favs!

Okey, just this one too! Summery of all my day-dreams.. hahah! 

Favourite picture of John:
Mission impossible. Haha, no but seriously. I probably have over thousands of pictures of this beautiful boy. And trust me when I say every damn one of them is prettyyyy darn good looking. So good luck to me finding one (or a few.. (a) to post. 

Okey, I think you get my point. :)

OKEY UPDATE: new pics..!!

You're getting more handsome every day, Mr O'Callaghan. If that's even possible? Today it is. Happy birthday!! ♥

Favourite picture of Pat:
All black and white.. :)

Favourite member of The Maine:
Ha! This question isn't fair. I love em all, equally. But... if I have to choose.. It will be Johno or Garrett!

Favourite halloween costume of The Maine:
Garrett goes zombie/punk! On halloween, or not! Hah.

Favourite group picture:

Favourite tour update:

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I DID! AHHAHAHA kunde inte sluta skratta ihjäl när jag såg ..''favorite picture of garrett'' LOL SEN KOMMER TYP 100 BILDER PÅ HAN XD AHAHAHAHAHAHA1!! :D

2010-08-03 @ 23:11:06
Lisa Trinh

sv: tack så mkt söta du! :) <3

2010-08-06 @ 10:35:00
Lisa Trinh

sv: jaa :D omg när han kysste tjejen och han bara "it was worth a try" aw :D

2010-08-06 @ 10:53:04

världebs längsta inlägg? hahahahah

men dom var fett snygga.... förrutom två av dom :P haha

2010-08-08 @ 11:53:28

hahaha han den 'tjocka' och han med långt hår :D hahaha

2010-08-08 @ 17:25:35

John asså. Mums mums.

Förresten, tyckte du också Jack var sjuuuukt mycket snyggare irl?? :) Tyvärr måste jag nästan säga motsatsen för Alex...

2010-08-22 @ 11:50:42

Vad ville du säga?


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